In addition to private members, Expats & Friends Association (EFA) also has a partner program.

This is for all companies and organisations that want to support EFA’s work and say: 

                  “Yes, we too believe that we can grow Skellefteå together!”


The BASE partner membership is 500 SEK/per year and although a partnering company does not get a vote in the association (since only private persons get to vote) you are very much contributing to the associations development, including facilitating events and other efforts to help newcomers integrate in our society.

We also offer the possibility to extend your partnership with EFA with an additional annual fee:

Affiliate     (+)  3.000 kr

Partner     (+)  6.000 kr

Sponsor  (+) 12.000 kr

Each of these extended partnerships offer different benefits. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the pricing and description of the benefits of each one.

Yes, we would like to know more!

Our partners ...