About us


An association for everyone that believes Skellefteå is better together.

We reach out... We welcome!

Expats & Friends Association (EFA) is a non-profit organisation that creates opportunities for both new and old  “Skelleftebor” (Skellefteå settlers) to meet and connect. We are here to help each other out and build on each others strengths. 

We know how hard it can be to move to a new place. Therefore, we believe that everyone of us can contribute to make our city: Skellefteå, the best place to live. 

Let’s work inclusively!

Our goal is to create a vibrant business and social forum in the Skellefteå Municipality area by providing information, support and services to professionals or non-professionals, self-employed, companies, organisations or associations who have recently moved and/or plan to move to Skellefteå. 
We want to help enable and facilitate their move, settle in and integrate into their new environment quickly, thereby making it a pleasant experience.
To achieve this, the EFA group embraces  and engages with Swedish residents, organisations, associations, friends of Skellefteå and expatriates living here who have experienced the process of integration.  From time to time, it shall conduct business and social events to achieve its goals and objectives.
 If you want to help, become a member or contact us.
You can also come and visit us at our office at:
The Great Northern (TGN) – Storgatan 53, Skellefteå 931 30

This accomplishment is the result of a partnership with Skellefteå Kommun, and jointly financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


Downloads for media and marketing

These files are free to download and use for editorial purposes, and for promoting EFA and its events. For questions and use for other purposes, please contact marketing@expatsandfriends.se

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Coming together

When moving to a new place in the begining it can be difficult to connect with new people or find everything that we need. In EFA you find people that have been or are in the same situation and are willing to help and/or share their experiences.

Membership benefits

Being an EFA member gives you the benefit of connecting with a network of people as well as supporting and enjoying the different events and activities we plan. There is also the benefit of some partnerships with companies or businesses.


We are all working together towards the same goal. To settle down and enjoy our lives in Skellefteå. To help each other in this journey with tips, advice or a friendly hand. No journey is simple by ourselves. EFA can make it easier for you and your family!