Regardless of whether you live in Skellefteå or are considering moving here –  you are welcome as a member! Expats & Friends Association (EFA) believes that the future can start with coming together. We know from experience that it’s a great starting point for helpful information, new friendships, ideas and businesses. 

With members from all over the world who have different backgrounds, different experiences and skills, Skellefteå will be bigger, stronger and better. Welcome with your application.

If you are a company and would like to become a member please contact us in the PARTNERSHIP section.

Yes, I’d like to join EFA!

Fantastic – the more, the merrier! 

Just fill in this form and click send and we will contact you. Some of the forms fields i.e name and contact information are mandatory, but we encourage you to fill in all or most of the fields so we start to get to know you as soon as possible.

We have a small membership fee:

100 SEK for individuals.

250 SEK for families (2 adults plus children)

This fee is to cover the expenses for some our activities. When you have filled in the form, you will get a reply with how to make the membership payment.


Or you can pay directly to the following:

  • Bankgiro EFA account 5200-0759 or SWISH EFA 1230019638 (write your e-mail address in the swish message).
  • Bank account: Expats and Friends Ideela Förening

           456 082 271 HANDSESS / SE35 6000 0000 0004 5608 2271

           Affärskonto / SEK / 6265 Skellefteå


As a member, not only do you enjoy the different activities that we plan but you can also benefit from some of the different partnerships the association might have. It also enables you to have a voice and vote in the annual or member meetings, and in the election of the board members.  As well as to bring forward your ideas or concerns for discussion, as a way to support and/or improve the association.

Welcome… Skellefteå is better with friends!

(if family, write your surname and all first names)